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Originally established in 1969 by local fish merchant Arthur Enoch Hughes, Enochs Fish & Chips is nothing less than a Llandudno institution.

The Home of Great Fish & Chips...

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Dressed Crab

Local dressed crab, served with a crisp salad with a sweet honey mustard dressing & warm crusty ciabatta.

Large Haddock

Just in Scottish Large Haddock served with chips & peas…get it while you can…limited stocks.

Peach Melba

Slices of peach with raspberry ripple ice-cream, fresh raspberries, cream & coulis.

What shall I cook for dinner?

Oh, what shall I cook for dinner? I’ve run out of ideas & time, I could go through all of my cookery books, if I really felt that way inclined.
We always have leftover Monday, we’ve already had pasta this week, stew & dumpling last night, now I think both my brain & the cupboard are bare, so to speak.
The kids only eat so much salad, they’d be happy with pizza every night, we adults prefer meat & veg, so I can’t please everyone, try as I might.
There is only one way to make them smile though:
Don’t think of the pounds on the hips! Just think of the protein & brain food, we’re going to have FISH & CHIPS!
-Eliza Barret

Fish & chips are an excellent source of protein & also provide the body with carbohydrates, vitamin C, B6 & B12, iron, calcium, phosphorous, omega 3 as well as trace elements iodine, flourine, zinc and some dietry fibre.

At Enochs our original recipe batter is light and crispy. We use quick frying methods & high quality oil that is low in saturated fat & high in Omega9 to produce great fish & chips. Therefore you can eat & enjoy this freshly prepared ‘natural’ product as a nutritional part of a balanced diet.

We take sustainability seriously…

Since it’s inception in January 2011 we have been closely following and supporting Hugh Fernley-Whittingstall’s Fish Fight campaign, to change the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP). As public opinion grows European Commissioner Maria Danamaki has a really opportunity to help change the face of fishing.

Part of Hugh’s new strategy is to increase our Marine Conservation Zones (MCZ’s) that are so small at the moment that they don’t even cover 1% of the sea that surrounds the British Isles. Globally Fish Fight has a huge following & in many counties. Around the world people are beginning to understand the importance of managing our oceans sustainably, so that there will be fish for future generations.

Show your support & become a Fish Fighter on their website: fishfight.net

Commitment to Sustainability

We understand the importance of sustainability and have taken action to ensure that we offer an ethical alternative. The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) ecolabel is the globally recognised mark for seafood that can be traced back through every step of the supply chain (boat to plate) to the well-managed and sustainable fishery that caught it.

We were the first fish & chip shop in Wales committed to using the MSC ecolabel to contribute to the health of our own & the world’s ocean, by recognising and rewarding sustainable fishing. We hope to influence the choices people make when buying seafood, helping to transform the seafood market to a sustainable basis.

Consumer Choice

When our customers choose seafood with an MSC ecolabel they can be assured that their choice has not contributed to the environmental problem of over fishing.

Sustainability is good for everyone and the planet.

Sustainable fish, recycled waste, energy efficiency: it’s what more and more customers want. As part of our sustainable engagement we can make a huge difference on issues such as climate change, animal welfare and waste…

It’s easy to think that being a sustainable restaurants is just about responsible sourcing and good environmental practices, but Society is just as important.

There are four identified areas that experts agree are also important in running a sustainable restaurant. Enochs fulfil this list of criteria by offer our support to local sport organisations, charities such as RNLI & The Fisherman’s Mission.
We also care about are crew & continue to be Investors in People.

We understand that health is important & now cook in heart-healthy sunflower oil that is 84% lower in saturated fat than normal chip shop palm oil and higher in mono-unsaturates & Omega 9, another first for the Wales.


The Curious Case of Seafood Sabotage

Raymond Blanc MSC Seafood Investigator

A concerned chef hires investigator Raymond Blanc to investigate why all his customers are suddenly going to a rival restaurant. Raymond mystery shops both restaurants and uncovers the truth right under his nose!
Watch the video here…

Coming Soon...

Enochs adds another great fish & chips shop to it brand.

Over the last few years we have had many customers asking us, to expand our fish & chip concept. Well it’s happened…after months of planning we have acquired a new outlet in Valley, Anglesey. We are really excited about opening on the island and plans are underway to gut the property & re-launch under the Enochs brand. Our plans have been put on hold as we try to acquire planning permission…we will be open September 2014…fingers crossed!

Great Orme Lobster Evening

Lobster Evening

After a great evening in July & August we are now taking bookings for the last lobster evening of the year…this one is filling up pretty quick. Get on the phone…now! Limited places…it’s going to be crazy!
It’s Time to enjoy local food at its best…in season.

Land Ahoy!

Enochs Fish & Chips 146 Conwy Road, Llandudno Junction, Conwy, North Wales, LL31 9DU 01492 581 145

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Fish Cafe: 11:30 - 20:30

Take Away: 11:30 - 21:30

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